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Sinemia, an independent unlimited movie subscription service like are reaching out to their credit card companies for a pro-rated refund. Sinemia, a would-be rival to MoviePass, is closing down its U.S. operations According to the company, it issued a full refund for the difference. Sinemia was down this busy "Us" movie weekend, while it continued In direct messages, the company also refused to refund users who were.

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IS SINEMIA A SCAM? (MOVIEPASS ALTERNATIVE) As Sinemia, we set out our journey with the vision to help as llbean promo code 20 moviegoers as possible oar cleveland groupon enjoy an affordable avene vs clinique better experience at the movies by a creating a movie ticket subscription service that very cheap bras value for both sinemia refund moviegoers and the costco prime rib roast industry. After bilking people out of their money and providing nothing in return, Sinemia shut down in the USA. If you took advantage of any Sinemia deals posted on Hip2Saveplease note that the company may not be offering refunds, so be sure to call your bank to dispute charges for services not rendered. What a waste. The MoviePass competitor abruptly announced on its website on Thursday that it was closing its discounted movie ticket subscription service operations in the U. Weekly magazine, delivered Daily Newsletter Website access. Like MoviePass before it, Sinemia began a process of terminating accounts en masse for violations of terms and generally gaming the system. sinemia refund

When Sinemia first came across our radar, the company was happily riding the wave of anti-MoviePass publicity. With its chief competition in the midst of what looked to be a historic collapse , Sinemia happily grabbed headlines as a what looked to be like a more stable alternative for movie ticket subscriptions. Not entirely, however. Not in the age of social media.

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The MoviePass competitor Sinemia terminated a slew of accounts over the past week, sinemia refund some subscribers giveaway furious. Several people have contacted Business Insider over the past few days, saying their subscriptions to the movie-ticket service were canceled unfairly. Many others complained on a lengthy Reddit thread that started over the weekend and detailed complaints about account terminations. Sinemia is sending a form letter to some of those affected.

Sinemia Shuts Down U.S. Movie-Ticket Subscription Service – Variety SINEMIA REFUND

Sinemia: Is the Struggling Movie Ticket Subscription Service Going the Way of MoviePass?

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MoviePass competitor Sinemia shuts down in the US - Business Insider Sinemia refund

MoviePass competitor Sinemia shuts down operations in the US as 'Avengers: Endgame' enters theaters SINEMIA REFUND

Here is a copy of a form notice Sinemia is sending to some subscribers:

Apr 26,  · From the notice, it’s not clear whether Sinemia will be extending refunds that may be due to subscribers. Among other legal problems, MoviePass has sued Sinemia, alleging patent infringement. Sinemia had promised to offer terminated users partial refunds of the difference between what they had paid into their Sinemia plan versus what Sinemia had paid movie Nathan Mcalone. Apr 29,  · So long, Sinemia! 😔 Unfortunately, Sinemia movie club, a MoviePass competitor, announced on Thursday, April 25th, they’ll shut down U.S. operations due to a lack of funds required to continue posted a notice on their website that Sinemia was “closing its doors” effective immediately. “ While we are proud to have created a best in market service, our efforts to. In addition Sinemia has also stated that refunds would not be issued on a pro-rata basis but they would instead refund the difference between the payments made to Sinemia and the cost of the tickets purchased by Sinemia. Given that it seems Sinemia is targeting high usage accounts it seems like most people would be ineligible for a refund on. Full refunds were issued to Sinemia members affected by the cancelation. "When fraud is allowed to run rampant, it can take down an entire business, a scenario in which everyone loses," a press Author: Dory Jackson. Nothing. But once I tried Twitter, I had a response very quickly. They said they don't do refunds, I politely insisted that they give me one and they did. Didn't put up much of a fight, actually. That was a few days ago and I just saw the actual refund on my online banking so it actually went through. Sinemia refund

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